Birthday sharing

I left my job designing carbon sequestration machines a couple months ago. This was unexpected and sad, but stress has now much relaxed and I'm getting around to healthy feeling self work I've been neglecting

After a surprise snow shower during a vol-biv trip in the Alps, a delightful swiss 10yo and I made this snowman, which he christened Zommer, "a foolish name" he joked

morning bay swimming with my mermaid neighbor has renewed a connection with water for me, and noticing some fears of dark depths

days spent sharing delights with Ambika

starting to learn massage therapy from my wonderful mother.
also, relieved that dancing is returning! a bit of tango, but a lot of contact improv. much new body learning!

Tevis and I made an epic, scrambling traverse thru the Beartooths in August. mountain goats shaming us, hail storm tearing our tent off, after dark pushes, and lots of listening carefully to my muscles. his plateau running line made it feel like we were flying at times


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