NW road trip 2020

I went on a roadtrip last month! Wanted to share a bit.
eeee that's a lot of gas

Said hi to my mom and sister in Sonoma and gave them some pluots :)

Got a dream flight in from The Whaleback that evening which is right next to Mt. Shasta. 

It was damp and foggy and lush green on the Oregon coast, so I read a book. Caught these pebbles just as the rain was starting to fall on them. 

There is some delightful moss that grows on sand dunes up there. 
Blackberries are everywhere along the roads - I think you could go a long ways with them as fuel. Also so many berries I don't even know the names of. 
The logging is uncomfortably apparent - big swaths cut - I guess trees grow fast here. 
So many native names around.

This moss sloth says hello.

A mouse joined us in our tent for the night, occasionally running across our backs. It got in before we closed the zipper, then got out later through the wall. 
I learned that my old tent is no longer waterproof..

Saw some icefall checking out Mt Baker on skis. The low wispy clouds make everything feel magical.

This perfect ridge leads to the edge of the snowline.

Fireworks for childhood nostalgia while feeling sad about the 4th. Full moon on the train tracks.